Atlas Communications International Co. Ltd is the market leader in private regional communications driven to provide quality customized connectivity solutions in order that our business partners may enjoy superior mobility standards & value-based operational cost benefits.  We are also committed to adding competitive edge by providing clients with a professional value added service support system from our team of highly qualified, certified engineers & technicians.


Atlas Communication International offers a quality service at competitive prices.
With over 15 years experience, our team of technicians can diagnose any technical problems and make necessary repairs quickly and efficiently. Always on the lookout for new technologies, our technicians are  provided continuous training so as to offer our customers the highest level of satisfaction.

Atlas Communication International guarantees your satisfaction with facilities such as:

  • Fully Equipped Service Center
  • Huge inventory of Spare Parts
  • Quick Repair
  • Manufacturer’s original parts such as Motorola, Nice, etc. .. DragonWave.
  • Certified technicians
  • Quality Control

Atlas Communication International has a fleet of service vehicles equipped with everything needed to repair and install your radio equipment system.


Atlas Communication International offers its clients a flexible service plan for repairs of:

  • Radio equipment and radio system

  • Wireless broadband networks bases on Canopy, DragonWave and Cablefree equipment

  • Nice Recorder

Indeed, our sales and technical service evaluate your equipment and determine the monthly rate most beneficial while reducing the costs of unexpected repairs.

We have a hotline service operational on a 24hr basis!


Our team of engineers, highly qualified with many years of experience, focuses on research and development of emerging technologies and latest products in mobile communication, wireless broadband networks, voice recorders making your operations more efficient.

They perform cost analysis, implementation of advanced products and project management in all its phases until its completion. The engineering department of Atlas Communication International is always ready to provide you with appropriate solutions, it guides you to new communication tools and keeps you abreast of latest technologies in the market.


Atlas Communication International offers a rental program more flexible and boasting an impressive inventory of radio and accessories. Whether your needs are short or long term, we specialize in just-in-time and we guarantee the best prices on the market. We have, in addition, a qualified service center for Motorola.

Any faulty equipment will be exchanged  on report to our Service Center.


We have leveraged our unparalleled expertise in wireless broadband and our innovative spirit to bring to market a brand new service, WISPUR, designed to ensure network continuity with world-class wireless network resilience solutions for businesses. WISPUR is the trading name of WispNet Ltd, the wireless broadband arm of the Atlas Group of companies.