Atlas Communication is a certified business partner of Nice Systems and has been proposing voice recording solutions for more than ten years to a host of business sectors including Banks & Financial Sectors, Security, Regulatory Bodies and Small Contact Centers/Help-desk.

We are offer primarily compliance recording solutions but where required we work closely with Nice for special requirements like WorkForce Management, Security Applications and Anti- Fraud systems.

We also can propose contact center solutions like Quality monitoring, Performance Management and Advance Real Time Analytics solutions including Speech Analytics. ].

We ensure that all solutions that we proposed are backed up by a reliable and dependable maintenance support that binds customer to Atlas Communication and Atlas Communication to Nice Systems. Evolving in a rapid, diversifying and increasingly complex market requirements, Nice is constantly proposing new solution offers that must be backup by pre and post installation as well as after-sales support.

We can thus guarantee a lowest TCO through the whole life-cycle of the solution we propose to each of our customers.



NICE Compliance Essentials is a set of solutions that enable trading floors and financial sector o record and store transactions and interactions in any media, and flexibly and securely manage and access archived material on demand. Together, they enable trading floors to not only ensure regulatory compliance across the globe but improve the efficiency of business processes and lower operating costs—important capabilities in a strict regulatory environment and turbulent economy.

NICE Compliance Essentials is a set of three solutions: NICE Trading Recording, NICE Distributed Recording and NICE Trading Replay Authorization. Together, theyhelp financial firms to:

  • Capture Voice – Most trades are made by phone, so capturing calls–whether conducted on the trading floor, in the back office or on a mobile device–is core to regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

  • Capture Text– Today’s communications on trading floors extend beyond voice. Trades are made by email, chat and other text-based channels. NICE captures these transactions, as well.

  • Ensure Security– Iron-clad data storage is a key regulatory requirement. NICE Trading Recording employs 256-bit Rijndael Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) audio encryption the most secure encryption available—coupled with MD5 fingerprinting to secure all audio files against unauthorized alteration or editing.

  • Assure ReliabilityNICE Distributed Recording ensures that all elements of the capture system are fully redundant. Its many resilience features protect trading floors against the operational failures that can render essential interactions and information incomplete.

  • Authorize Access– To ensure high-quality call replay without sacrificing efficiency or compliance, NICE Trading Replay Authorization provides a secure approval process via an intuitive web-based portal and customizable workflow.



NICE enables organizations to anticipate, manage and mitigate security, safety and operational risks. By capturing relevant and meaningful information from a multitude of sources, and then analyzing and correlating between siloed inputs for valuable insight, organizations are armed with a complete picture and gain situational awareness. Comprehensive in nature, NICE solutions enable organizations to effectively and consistently implement their response plans, become more proactive and share information efficiently for a collaborative response. By capturing relevant evidence and auditing response, organizations achieve an in-depth understanding of situations and events and the way they are handled.

With solutions tailored to meet their specific needs, many of the world’s most security-conscience organizations— airports, public transportation, seaports, first responders, critical facilities, utilities, banks and homeland security— rely on NICE Security Solutions to enhance their security and safety operations.

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Customers are in the driver’s seat. They are well-informed, vocal and have high expectations. They demand the immediacy of digital in every interaction. They look for a consistent experience across the customer journey. And they expect a personal experience, too. Is it possible to deliver an exceptional customer experience when the bar is set so high?

By getting closer to your customers, you can.

NICE marries real-time interaction management, advanced analytics and employee engagement tools to deliver faster, smarter and safer customer engagements, and get you closer to your customers. We help you understand, predict and adapt to your customers’ needs in real time so that you can create tailored experiences that go beyond what they expect.

Build closer relationships with the people who matter most to your business by:

  • Capturing and analyzing all interactions across the customer journey and applying Big Data technology to identify valuable patterns, trends and Voice of the Customer insights

  • Harnessing real-time capabilities to optimize processes and engage with customers in the moment to quickly resolve issues, take advantage of sales opportunities and retain customers at risk

  • Employing Workforce Optimization tools, including gamification and collaboration, to drive employee engagement, align teams on common metrics, and translate root-causes and best-practices into increased productivity