In many cases today, organizations require a small and compact management, incident review and recording solution. With the specific recording needs of smaller organizations and recording sites in mind, NICE has designed and developed a system to provide an all-in-one solution — Mirra IV. Mirra IV delivers the best technology, functionality, total cost of ownership and maintainability. Coupled with a multitude of features providing organizations with all their audio monitoring, capture, analysis and storage needs in the form of a single, compact unit, Mirra IV provides the ultimate in true value to your organization.


  • Supports 4 to 48 Browser based interfaces simplify deployment, administration and maintenance
  • Standard storage capacity holds up to 6 years of instantly accessible recordings
  • Minimal training, support and maintenance required; installation is fast and simple with a wizard based set-up and built in support tools
  • Graphical user interfaces for uncomplicated use


  • Supports 4 – 48 channels with a mix of both radio and telephony
  • Synchronous playback of up to 16 channels
  • External time synchronization
  • Tone detection and cancellation, as well as beep tone insertion, for analogue lines
  • Media library application simplifies search of historical records

NICE Perform eXpress is easy-to-install, low-cost call recording software designed to address the unique requirements of SMCCs and financial branches. Based on NICE’s advanced interaction recording technology, NICE Recording eXpress low-cost call recording enables you to:

  • Record customer calls in individual offices or throughout branch offices.
  • Archive them locally or remotely in the event of future investigation or litigation.

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Since implementing IT functionality within a limited budget can be a major concern for smaller operations, NICE Perform eXpress delivers an all-in-one, low cost call recording system on a single standard server. It offers low total cost of ownership as it can be deployed quickly and easily, maintained either locally or at a remote data center, and supports existing voice over IP (VoIP), Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and hybrid networks in a single box.

Simple but powerful, NICE Perform eXpress is a low-cost call recording system, enterprise-grade solution that empowers SMCCs to comply with stricter corporate and governmental regulations as well as minimize exposure to disputes— at an affordable price. It also enables companies to efficiently and cost-effectively deploy and maintain call recording capability across a large number of branches or small sites.

NICE Perform eXpress low-cost call recording offers SMCCs and branch offices many value-added enterprise-grade capabilities including:

  • Intuitive configuration and administration application
  • Localized or centralized storage which can incorporate several sites
  • Simple and rapid deployment which requires less than half a day to install at a standard site, reducing IT personnel-related costs
  • VoIP, TDM and screen recording on a single commercial off-the-shelf server to optimize investment in existing technology
  • State of the art, web based application whose small footprint reduces facility costs
  • Support for up to 9 languages on the same system