With more than three million modules installed around the world, Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) solutions are acknowledged industry leaders in making the delivery of high-speed access to multiple locations efficient and cost-effective. With installations in more than 150 countries around globe, PMP solutions are proving their performance and reliability every single day in the real world. Our solutions enable our customers—from WISPs to enterprises to utilities to transportation to government agencies—to deliver the high-speed Internet access, video surveillance, streaming video, VoIP and other in-demand applications their end users want.

PMP networks operate in the licensed, unlicensed and federal frequency bands, providing superior performance in a wide variety of spectrum, including 900 MHz, 2.4, 4.9, 5.1, 5.2, 5.4, 5.7 and 5.9 GHz. With their simple, elegant design and flexible configuration options, our PMP networks lead the marketplace in speed and ease of installation, reducing both cost and time-to-market and ensuring high performance at an exceptionally low cost of ownership.

Motorola Wireless Broadband Point-to-Multipoint PMP 100 series is the ideal technology for developing, enhancing and extending advanced broadband networks and services – and for making delivery of high-demand technologies like Internet access, voice over IP, video services, and security surveillance much quicker and much less expensive.

Motorola Wireless Broadband technology combines field-proven toughness with exceptional performance, security, ease-of-use and cost effectiveness. Modules are available with total throughputs up to 14 Mbps for data, video and voice applications. Available in frequencies from 900 MHz to 5 GHz, with an array of options and accessories, PMP 100 series systems can be designed to make your business case a success.


Motorola Wireless Broadband PMP 100 series systems are total broadband access solutions designed for extending networks wirelessly to provide broadband services to virtually any customer in virtually any environment. These systems provide wireless Ethernet connections which can be used to transport voice, video and data in channelized or unchannelized formats. Modules are available to support Line of Sight and Non-Line of Sight point-to-multipoint last mile access solutions. With a broad array of Access Points and Subscriber Modules, these systems can be configured to meet the current and future needs of business and residential network users.

  • PMP 110 – From 1 to 7 Mbps of total aggregate throughput
  • PMP 120 – 7 Mbps of total aggregate throughput
  • PMP 130 – 14 Mbps of total aggregate throughput

Enterprises can establish cost-effective links to campus locations or remote branch offices at a fraction of the cost of leasing lines or deploying wireline broadband systems.

  • Rapid access to business information between locations

  • Cost-effective; substantially less than cost of leased-line alternatives – no recurring monthly fee

  • Wireless infrastructure to connect indoor wireless local area network (WLAN), creating a completely wireless IP network and connecting inside to outside

Government Network Operators can establish cost-effective links for public safety, public service, and public access.

  • Rapidly deploy video surveillance and data connectivity for public safety

  • Create a cost effective data network for public works

  • Create an infrastructure for community wide public access

Service providers can enhance their customer base and revenues by extending their network to reach new business and residential subscribers beyond the reach of wireline broadband offerings.

  • Complement existing broadband network to reach customers in new territories, whether adjacent to an existing network or a completely new region

  • Provide cost effective, rapidly deployable broadband connectivity to rural areas

  • Offer wireless broadband services to existing subscribers currently using dial-up; alternative to other equipment like DSL and cable


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PMP 430

Connect with high performance in the 5 GHz band. The PMP 430 with OFDM technology delivers 40+ Mbps throughput, ranges up to 30 miles (48 km) and near-line of sight (nLOS) performance for reliable and secure data, voice and video connectivity. With low one-way latency of less than 3.5 msec the PMP 430 is ideal for sensitive voice and video services. SMs can be upgraded from 4 Mbps throughput to 40 Mbps via a software key system to meet customers’ growing need for bandwidth.


Enterprises, government organizations and service providers can extend high-speed connectivity to reach un-served and hard-to-reach locations and customers.

  • Extended Range and Coverage
  • Scalability
  • High Throughput
  • Low Latency
  • Compatibility


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