Atlas Communication Intl. Co Ltd, a private company incorporated in early 1996, is engaged in the field of private communication as a service provider to a significant client base of private companies, para-statal and Government bodies.

Atlas Communication International forms part of the Atlas Group of Cluster Companies which also include:

  • New Fedco Ltd
  • Les Relais Ltd
  • Atlas Communication Overseas
  • WispNet Ltd

Atlas Communication Intl. Co Ltd is the regional distributor for Motorola’s GPSS (Government and Public Safety Solution) and also the Pan-African regional distributor for NICE Voice Recorders. Motorola’s GPSS comprises of the following groups:

  • The RNSG (Radio Network Solution Group) delivers mid to high tier, tailor-cut systems (including training) covering public safety, data, encrypted and mission critical requirements.
  • RPG (Radio Product Group) addresses entry to mid-tier requirements with a widerange of high quality portable and mobile radios and associated infrastructure.
  • The World-wide Accessory and After-market Division (WAAD), supplying spare
    parts and support for existing system.

Our portfolio includes the following Motorola products:

  • Hand-portables, vehicle-based or fixed radios
  • Digital two-way radios (MOTOTRBO)
  • Single Site and Wide-area Trunked radio systems
  • Tetra Wide area trunking system
  • Broadband Wireless Solution
  • Data Communications
  • Telemetry systems
  • Conventional radio products
  • Test Equipment


Regional distribution, Integration and support for NICE Recorders and Motorola’s GPSS Sector, Kavit Electronics, Webb Industries, Astron, Zetron, Fylde.


We have recently sealed 2 major contracts with private corporations in Mauritius to deliver complex Island-wide broadband wireless solutions, involving the delivery of a high site network using the sophisticated Motorola Point-To-Point series of products to offer inter-connectivity services.

As part of our commercial strategy, we have taken a considerable lead in migrating to new technologies by pioneering and deploying Motorola’s state of the art digital radio products (Mototrbo) to key clients in the public sector.
We also continue to expand our core trunked radio equipment offer with all its
added services to a myriad of clients in both the private and public sectors as wellas to para-statal bodies.

We have recently been appointed as the preferred distributor for Nice voice
recording solutions in Continental Africa and we are actively engaged in developing profitable business partnerships with reputable organisations in Ghana and Nigeria.

We have also been able to capitalize on our technological expertise in the
communications industry by delivering highly specialized customized systems for confidential projects.


We firmly believe that our future lies in the operator activity and will continue to develop digital Radio in Mauritius. Motorola’s new digital radio platform is
compliant with ETSI’s Digital Mobile Radio (tier-2) standard.


In order to provide the best products and services to its customers, Atlas
Communication Intl Co Ltd has developed very close commercial links with many overseas suppliers who themselves are leaders in communications systems and accessories.

Motorola and NICE remain the privileged partners of Atlas Communication Intl Co Ltd, for which we are the sole distributor. Through these associations Atlas
Communication Intl Co Ltd has access to other Motorola suppliers and accredited NICE partners. Furthermore Atlas Communication Intl. Co Ltd has also developed links with other companies that offer third party products and accessories compatible with NICE Recorders and Motorola products and systems.

Among these are:

  • RF Industries (Australia) : Antenna Systems
  • Spectra Engineering (Australia) : Repeater Stations
  • Webb (South Africa) : Antenna Systems
  • ALCOM (South Africa) : System Solutions
  • Fylde Microsystems (UK) : Trunking Intelligence
  • Astron (USA) : Power Supplies
  • NICE (Israel) : Voice Recording Equipment
  • Kavit Electronics : Mobile phone Jammer
  • Zetron : Trunking Intelligence
  • 4 RF Communications : Site Linking Equipment